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Spare Parts

EGR cooler Ford Peugeot Citroen Volvo 2.0 TDCI 1233381 Volvo 2.0 D 8653691

Cooler for exhaust gas recirculation NEWFord Peugeot Citroen Volvo 2.0 D

€110.00VAT incl.
plus shipping and handling
sold out

NEU Kabelbaum Wiring harness Audi VW Skoda Seat 1C0971627BF ORIGINAL

The article is new and has been dismantled by a new engine!

No original packaging. The item was originally packaged in a non-retail packaging.

€69.00VAT incl.
plus shipping and handling

Vakuumpumpe Unterdruckpumpe Mercedes Benz OM651930 A6512300465 vacuum pump

Neew Vacuum pump for Mercedes-Benz C-/B-/G-Klasse OM 651930

The article has been installed 1x before.

€85.00VAT incl.
plus shipping and handling

Hauptlager Standard Ford 2.0i 16V EcoBoost R9CB R9DA TNCC TNBA main bearing

New Main Bearing for Ford Focus / Mondeo 2,0 EcoBoost 16V petrol engine

€65.00VAT incl.
plus shipping and handling

NEU Halter Ladeluftkühler Mercedes Benz 1.6 2.0 A2740981439 M274 ORIGINAL

The article is new and has been dismantled by a new engine!

No original packaging. The item was originally packaged in a non-retail packaging.

€53.00VAT incl.
plus shipping and handling

Leitungssatz Kabelsatz für Einspritzanlage Audi VW 2.0 TFSI TSI CCZA 06J971082A

New Original Wiring Set For Engine Audi VW 2.0 TSI / TFSI

Please note when ordering, please compare the spare part number or indicate the chassis number so we can check if the cable harness fits !!!

€32.00VAT incl.
plus shipping and handling

Kurbelwelle Ford Transit 2.4 TDCI 1675258 BK2Q-6300-AA H9FA JXFA PHFA D4FA

Crankshaft NEW (Testmotor) for Ford Transit 2.4 TDCi

The article is new but has run briefly 1x in the test engine!

€288.00VAT incl.
plus shipping and handling
limited quantity remaining

Kraftstoffverteiler Verteilerrohr Mercedes MB 2720701395 / 2720701795 / Original

New Fuel distributor Original l Mercedes-Benz M 271.

The Fuel distributot is New but 1 x mounted !!!

€74.00VAT incl.
plus shipping and handling

Oil level sensor for Volkswagen VW 1.4 TSI CAV 1J0907660E

No original packaging. The item was originally packaged in a non-retail packaging.

€53.00VAT incl.
plus shipping and handling
limited quantity remaining

Halter für Luftfilterkasten für Mercedes Benz 2.2 CDI A6510941627 / A6510940727

NEW Original holder for air filter box for Mercedes Benz 2.2 CDI

The article is new, but has been mounted 1 x !!!

€26.00VAT incl.
plus shipping and handling

Spare parts

Every car requires regular maintenance and care in order to function properly. Some parts and fluids such as spark plugs / glow plugs or lubricants have to be changed or replaced on a regular basis. Others like an injection pump that will not stop the alternators until they are defective. The maintenance intervals should be meticulously adhered to, otherwise there is a risk of excessive wear and tear. or even an engine failure. In this section you will find a large number of spare parts for your car & ndash; from new to used.


When do parts have to be checked or replaced?

In modern vehicles, regardless of whether they are Audi, BMW or other manufacturers, the on-board electronics reliably indicate service, worn brake pads or worn parts. In the case of older vehicles, a look at the service booklet or the operating instructions is necessary to find out which work has to be carried out and when.


Spare parts and equipment to be exchanged regularly

During a normal inspection, the engine oil including the filter is usually changed, the fuel filter and various other vehicle parts checked. How often the engine oil has to be replaced depends heavily on the driving style. If you drive a lot of full load or short distances, you have to change the lubricant more frequently, since then the engine wear and tear. is higher. More recent vehicles register the load conditions and use this to suggest when the engine oil should be replaced.

The change intervals should be adhered to relatively precisely. Because the engine oil contains tiny metal particles that are created by abrasion. The older the oil, the more particles it contains. The problem: The tiny metal particles act like sand and increase engine wear if the oil is not replaced regularly.

In the worst case, this entails the replacement of additional expensive components or a complete engine overhaul.

In the case of wearing parts such as the battery, it is easy for laypeople to see when they need to be replaced. If a car starts badly, especially at low temperatures in winter, it is usually due to an old battery. Because the performance of a battery decreases over the years. It usually has to be replaced after five to six years.


Spark plugs, glow plugs, particle filters

The spark plugs for gasoline engines and the glow plugs (at longer intervals) for diesel engines also have to be replaced on a regular basis. Otherwise, the starting behavior will deteriorate, especially in winter, and consumption can also increase.

Modern engines have a so-called particle filter that filters fine dust and soot particles from the exhaust gases. The main aim of this is to reduce particulate matter pollution in metropolitan areas, which results in respiratory diseases. These filters must also be renewed at certain intervals in order to be able to fulfill their function.

It is particularly important to adhere to the maintenance intervals for the toothed belt. This takes over the control between e.g. crankshaft, camshaft, injection pump, balance shaft. If he tears, expensive engine damage is often inevitable. Then various expensive car parts such as valves, camshafts, pistons, etc. often have to be replaced or even a completely new engine installed.

Almost all car manufacturers therefore recommend replacing the timing belt in good time - usually at 100,000, but sometimes not until 180,000 kilometers. Details are noted in the service booklet.



Parts to be exchanged if necessary


V-belt, V-ribbed belt, V-belt set

But there are also many components in a car that only need to be replaced when necessary. This includes, for example, the V-belt or, in the more modern version, the V-ribbed belt. The V-belt / V-ribbed belt establishes the connection from the engine to the auxiliary units such as the water pump or alternator via belt pulleys. If it starts making noises, it should definitely be checked. In most cases it doesn’t take long before it tears. This can also quickly lead to serious engine damage if, for example, sufficient cooling is no longer guaranteed.


Injection pump, alternators, turbocharger

Although the components mentioned are not classic wearing parts, alternators, the injection pump or the turbocharger have to be replaced once in the event of higher performance. Especially the wear and tear of the turbocharger, which is very hot during operation depends heavily on the respective driving style.


Climate sensor, thermostats, catalytic converters

Thermostats are indispensable elements of liquid cooling. They ensure that the engine gets its optimal operating temperature as quickly as possible and that it maintains it in all operating states. This is the only way the engine can work perfectly in all load conditions with minimal emissions. These components can also fail at higher mileage and must then be replaced immediately.

Catalysts are now part of the exhaust gas cleaning system of all gasoline and diesel engines. They ensure that harmful exhaust gas components are converted into harmless gases.

The climate sensor is crucial for controlling the air temperature for setting the air conditioning. It is rarely defective, but when it does, the air conditioning can no longer work properly.


Gearbox, oil cooler

The gearbox ensures the optimal gear ratio in all driving situations, whether on the mountain or when driving fast on the motorway. It normally lasts the life of the car, but only if the gearbox is regularly replaced. If this is not done, there will be increased wear. and an overhaul or a complete exchange may be due.


Flywheels, plain bearings, bearing shells

Plain bearings enable an almost wear-free rotational movement, for example in the connecting rod or on the crankshaft or camshaft. They consist of one or two bearing shells that are fixed in the bearing seat. They are actually designed for the life of the engine. However, poor quality lubricant or a lack of oil, for example, can damage the bearings and cause engine damage. It is therefore extremely important to adhere to the engine oil change intervals.

Flywheels occur, for example, as dual-mass flywheels with an integrated torsional vibration damper on the engine. This prevents torsional vibrations of the engine from being transmitted to the drive or gearbox. They are also maintenance-free. However, they can be damaged by a defective clutch or by increased engine performance.


Order spare parts and accessories from Tornau Motoren

At Tornau Motoren you can get a large number of spare parts for almost all common car brands and engines. You get these in different quality levels:

  • New : Unused and undamaged article, mostly in the unopened original packaging.
  • Dismantled : New and unused spare parts with no signs of use. The original packaging may no longer be available. The spare parts can also be second choice or so-called B-goods with small defects.
  • Test engine : New, short-run item with slight signs of use or installation. The original packaging may no longer be available. Article can also be 2nd choice or B-goods - as good as new, but briefly used for test purposes and with small errors.
  • Used : Item with signs of wear, but in good condition and fully functional. Item could have been a demonstration model or a withdrawal item. & Nbsp;

You can find exact details on the respective spare part and its condition in the corresponding item description. Or contact us, we will help you!

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