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Old part deposit / replacement parts

Old parts are defective wearing parts. These are usually not for the scrap! We process and restore these old parts to original standards.


The deposit to be paid is stated in each case when purchasing an exchange item. This amount must be paid in addition to the purchase price of the item. After you have returned the old part to us, you will receive the pledge back.

old Core Return

For the return of small parts, e.g. PDE, high-pressure pump, cylinder head, etc. the invoice is a pre-franked return label, which allows you a quick and easy return. Please attach a copy of the invoice to the shipment.
When returning engines please give us an info by e-mail or by phone. We then commission our forwarding company with the collection of your old part.

The old part must correspond to the same content, which was also delivered by us.
The return of the old part should take place within 3 months after receipt of the exchange article!

Refund deposit amount

After the old part has been received, it will be checked. This usually takes 1-2 working days. You will then receive a credit note for the paid deposit. The form of the credit depends on the payment method of the previous order (PayPal, Banktransfer etc.).

Old Core Tax

According to ยง 10UStG i.V.m. A 10.5 para. 3 UStAE, the exchange procedure in the motor vehicle industry is charged a so-called "old-share tax" on sales of barter deliveries. The old parts are valued at an average value of 10% of the so-called gross exchange fee, so that the sales tax corresponds to 10% of the value added tax on the old part.

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