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About us

We are known as engine reconditioners - and rightly so!


We at Tornau Motoren are experienced and excellent engine reconditioners. We convince with all our offers with competence. And we work with passion because the best possible customer service is very important to us and because we love vehicle engines: their strength, their precision, the perfect interaction of all parts through the performance and speed arise.

Since our company was founded in 1991, we have been working intensively with a wide variety of vehicle engines. We repair and build them and closely follow the latest technical developments. We go along with every step and always supply our customers with the latest engine technology.

All of this has accelerated the growth of our company and made us known far beyond the country's borders. As a engine reconditioner and dealer for engines and engine parts, we now have over 125,000 customers worldwide . And there will be more.



Your engine is what drives us.

We deliver excellent new and replacement engines to you and all of our customers . Exchange engines are reconditioned engines in which all defective or worn parts or components whose functionality no longer corresponds to that of new parts have been replaced with new ones. Exchange engines therefore work just as well as new engines.

As engine reconditioners, we understand our craft. Without exception, what we deliver to you is of the highest quality. Most of the employees of our company come from the automotive industry . They all understand a lot about the technology we sell to our customers. Our customers know and appreciate this. We answer their questions about engines and engine parts quickly and competently. And we have numerous auto parts in stock that we can deliver to you just as quickly.

Our operating area now covers around 4,000 square meters in Oldenburg and a further 900 square meters in Jahnshof. We have over 2,000 engines as well as a number of engine parts and other spare parts in stock. Check for yourself in our online shop whether the parts you need are available. Or contact our competent customer service. We would be happy to help you.




Tornau Motoren - the engine reconditioners: Milestones


Founding (1991)

Tornau Motoren was founded in 1991 in Jahnshof (Schleswig-Holstein). Founder Axel Tornau and his team took over vehicle repairs back then and were also active as an engine reconditioner from the start.


Start of online sales (2002)

Tornau Motoren started selling engines online back in 2002. As a result, vehicle repairs took a back seat in day-to-day business. The trade in new and repaired engines became a central business area.

Start of international business (2007)

In 2007, as an engine reconditioner and engine dealer, we began to expand our business internationally. We gained new customers in North and South America, strengthened our engine trade via the Internet and expanded our range to include commercial vehicle and industrial engines.


New company presence in Oldenburg (2015)

In 2015 we opened our second company presence in Oldenburg. At 4,000 square meters, it is significantly larger than the older one in Jahnshof (900 square meters), which we also continue to use. In 2015 we had over 1,700 engines in stock and for the first time shipped more than 1,000 in one year. In the meantime we have continued to grow.

New form of company and new managing director (2019)

In 2019, the corporate form of the company will change. From Tornau Motoren e.K. became the ATM Tornau Motoren GmbH & amp; Co. KG. In Georg Barton, the company also got a new managing director and partner.


As far as possible digitization of business operations (2020)

Almost all business processes in our company have been completely digitized since 2020. Orders, warehousing, shipping: all of this is now handled in the & ldquo; cloud & ldquo; organized. We pay attention to the highest data security and highly efficient processes. Our service as an engine reconditioner and engine dealer for more than 125,000 satisfied customers all over the world has become even better and faster.

Tornau Motoren: Your advantages at a glance

  • More than 2,000 motors in stock
  • Many other spare parts and engine oils in the range
  • Fast order processing and delivery
  • A team with a high level of technical affinity and competence
  • Telephone advice from trained staff on request


Benefit from our high level of expertise as an engine reconditioner and engine dealer. Take advantage of our advisory services and look forward to a user friendly, well arranged online shop where you can order many car parts quickly and easily. What can we do for you?

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