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exchange block long block Kia Carens Sportage 2,0 CRDI D4EA

10001786HL H1
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rebuild block for Kia 2,0 CRDI D4EA

The oil pan and the valve cover shown is then only for transport purposes and must be taken over by the old engine or replaced during the defect.

Product Contents

Consisting of: engine block mounted with oil pump, oil pan, crankshaft, bearings, connecting rods, piston and cylinder head.The balance shaft module and the oil suction tube are also not included.

Engine Codes





Vehicle List

KIACARENS III Großraumlimousine (UN)2.0 CRDi 1402006.0910314019918253-ABQKIASPORTAGE (JE_, KM_)2.0 CRDi 4WD2006.0110013619911260-AABKIASPORTAGE (JE_, KM_)2.0 CRDi2006.0110013619911260-AAAKIASPORTAGE (JE_, KM_)2.0 CRDi2006.0110013619918253-ABFKIACARENS III Großraumlimousine (UN)2.0 CRDi 1152007.058511519918253-ABUKIAMAGENTIS (MG)2.0 CRDi2005.11 - 2008.1210013619918253-ABJKIACARENS II Großraumlimousine (FJ)2.0 CRDi2002.078311319918253-344KIACERATO Stufenheck (LD)2.0 CRDi2004.04 - 2006.058311219918253-359KIACERATO Schrägheck (LD)2.0 CRDi2004.048311219918253-360KIASPORTAGE (JE_, KM_)2.0 CRDi 4WD2004.098311319918253-374KIAMAGENTIS (MG)2.0 CRDi2006.0410314019918253-ABIKIASPORTAGE (JE_, KM_)2.0 CRDi 4WD2006.0110013619918253-ABHKIACARENS II Großraumlimousine (FJ)2.0 CRDi2005.1110314019918253-384KIACARENS II Großraumlimousine (FJ)2.0 CRDi2005.1110314019918253-AALKIACARENS II Großraumlimousine (FJ)2.0 CRDi2005.1110314019918253-AAMKIASPORTAGE (JE_, KM_)2.0 CRDi2005.028311319918253-373KIASPORTAGE (JE_, KM_)2.0 CRDi2007.0911015019911260-AARKIASPORTAGE (JE_, KM_)2.0 CRDi2007.0911015019918253-ACHKIASPORTAGE (JE_, KM_)2.0 CRDi 4WD2008.0911015019911260-AASKIASPORTAGE (JE_, KM_)2.0 CRDi 4WD2008.0911015019918253-ACIKIAMAGENTIS (MG)2.0 CRDi2006.0411015019918253-ACCKIACARENS III Großraumlimousine (UN)2.0 CRDi 1352009.0810013619918253-ABPKIACEE'D Schrägheck (ED)2.0 CRDi2007.06 - 2012.1210013619911260-AAO

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