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exchange block engine 3ZZFE / 3ZZ-FE Toyota Avensis Corolla 1.6 VVT-i

10001709HL H1
ready to ship in about4business days*


long block rebuild for Toyota 1.6 i with timing

Product Contents

Consisting of: engine block mounted with oil pump, oil pan, crankshaft, bearings, connecting rods, piston, cylinder head and engine control.

The engine is sold as shown and is repaired as follows:
All cylinders are honed to oversize
There are NEW over-sized pistons mounted
All bearings are NEW
The cylinder head is NEW or NEW

Engine Codes



Vehicle List

TOYOTACOROLLA Kombi (_E12_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)2002.01 - 2007.088111015985048-065TOYOTACOROLLA Compact (_E11_)1.6 (ZZE112_)1999.10 - 2001.108111015985013-364TOYOTACOROLLA Liftback (_E11_)1.6 (ZZE112_)2000.02 - 2002.018111015985013-404TOYOTACOROLLA (_E11_)1.6 16V (ZZE112_)1999.10 - 2001.108111015985013-366TOYOTACOROLLA Kombi (_E11_)1.6 16V (ZZE112_)2000.02 - 2001.108111015985013-367TOYOTAAVENSIS Liftback (_T22_)1.6 (ZZT220_)2000.10 - 2003.028111015985048-030TOYOTAAVENSIS (_T22_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZT220_)2000.10 - 2003.028111015985048-028TOYOTAAVENSIS Kombi (_T22_)1.6 (ZZT220_)2000.07 - 2003.028111015985048-029TOYOTACOROLLA (_E12_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)2002.01 - 2006.128111015985013-461TOYOTACOROLLA (_E12_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)2002.01 - 2006.128111015985013-ABFTOYOTACOROLLA (_E12_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)2002.01 - 2006.128111015985013-ACBTOYOTACOROLLA (_E12_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)2002.01 - 2006.128111015985048-043TOYOTACOROLLA (_E12_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)2002.01 - 2006.128111015985048-056TOYOTACOROLLA Kombi (_E12_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)2002.01 - 2007.088111015985013-456TOYOTACOROLLA Kombi (_E12_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)2002.01 - 2007.088111015985013-486TOYOTACOROLLA Kombi (_E12_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)2002.01 - 2007.088111015985013-AARTOYOTACOROLLA Kombi (_E12_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)2002.01 - 2007.088111015985048-044TOYOTACOROLLA Liftback (_E11_)1.6 (ZZE112_)2000.02 - 2002.018111015985013-365TOYOTACOROLLA Stufenheck (_E12_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)2001.10 - 2008.038111015985013-479TOYOTACOROLLA Stufenheck (_E12_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)2001.10 - 2008.038111015985013-482TOYOTACOROLLA Stufenheck (_E12_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)2001.10 - 2008.038111015985013-AAQTOYOTACOROLLA Stufenheck (_E12_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)2001.10 - 2008.038111015985013-ABETOYOTACOROLLA Stufenheck (_E12_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)2001.10 - 2008.038111015985048-042TOYOTACOROLLA Stufenheck (_E12_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)2001.10 - 2008.038111015985048-062TOYOTACOROLLA Verso (_E12_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)2001.08 - 2004.058111015985013-459TOYOTACOROLLA Verso (_E12_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZE121_)2001.08 - 2004.058111015985048-049TOYOTACOROLLA Verso (ZER_, ZZE12_, R1_)1.6 (ZNR10_)2004.04 - 2009.038111015985013-AAWTOYOTACOROLLA Verso (ZER_, ZZE12_, R1_)1.6 (ZNR10_)2004.04 - 2009.038111015985013-AAXTOYOTACOROLLA Verso (ZER_, ZZE12_, R1_)1.6 (ZNR10_)2004.04 - 2009.038111015985048-086TOYOTAAVENSIS (_T25_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZT250_)2003.04 - 2008.118111015985013-ABTTOYOTAAVENSIS (_T25_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZT250_)2003.04 - 2008.118111015985048-030TOYOTAAVENSIS Stufenheck (_T25_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZT250_)2003.04 - 2008.118111015985013-ABSTOYOTAAVENSIS Stufenheck (_T25_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZT250_)2003.04 - 2008.118111015985048-028TOYOTAAVENSIS Kombi (_T25_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZT250_)2003.04 - 2008.118111015985013-ABUTOYOTAAVENSIS Kombi (_T25_)1.6 VVT-i (ZZT250_)2003.04 - 2008.118111015985048-029

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