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Riemenscheibe Neu Audi Seat Ford Skoda VW 038105243K

NEW10000991HL 3-8-1-33-2-1
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Pulley NEW Audi / VW / Seat / Skoda / Ford 1.9 TDI

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Vehicle List

AUDIA3 (8L1)1.9 TDI2000.08 - 2003.05961301896AUDIA3 (8L1)1.9 TDI quattro2000.08 - 2003.05961301896AUDIA3 (8L1)1.9 TDI2000.10 - 2003.05741001896FORDGALAXY (WGR)1.9 TDI2003.02 - 2006.05961301896FORDGALAXY (WGR)1.9 TDI1995.03 - 2006.0566901896SEATTOLEDO II (1M2)1.9 TDI2000.10 - 2004.071101501896SEATALHAMBRA (7V8, 7V9)1.9 TDI 4motion2000.06 - 2010.03851151896SEATALHAMBRA (7V8, 7V9)1.9 TDI2000.06 - 2010.03851151896SEATLEON (1M1)1.9 TDI2000.09 - 2006.061101501896SEATALHAMBRA (7V8, 7V9)1.9 TDI1996.04 - 2010.0366901896SEATALHAMBRA (7V8, 7V9)1.9 TDI2002.11 - 2008.11961311896SEATLEON (1M1)1.9 TDI Syncro2002.05 - 2006.061101501896SEATLEON (1M1)1.9 TDI2003.05 - 2006.06961301896SEATTOLEDO II (1M2)1.9 TDI2003.05 - 2006.05961301896SKODAOCTAVIA I Combi (1U5)1.9 TDI2002.09 - 2004.09961301896SKODAOCTAVIA I (1U2)1.9 TDI2002.09 - 2004.09961301896SKODAOCTAVIA I Combi (1U5)1.9 TDI 4x42000.09 - 2006.01741001896SKODAOCTAVIA I Combi (1U5)1.9 TDI2000.08 - 2010.12741001896SKODAOCTAVIA I (1U2)1.9 TDI2005.10 - 2010.12741001896VWGOLF IV (1J1)1.9 TDI 4motion2000.02 - 2005.061101501896VWGOLF IV Variant (1J5)1.9 TDI2000.09 - 2006.06741011896VWGOLF IV Variant (1J5)1.9 TDI 4motion2000.09 - 2006.06741011896VWBORA (1J2)1.9 TDI2000.09 - 2005.05741011896VWBORA (1J2)1.9 TDI 4motion2000.09 - 2005.05741011896VWBORA (1J2)1.9 TDI2000.05 - 2005.051101501896VWBORA (1J2)1.9 TDI 4motion2000.05 - 2005.051101501896VWBORA Variant (1J6)1.9 TDI2000.09 - 2005.05741011896VWBORA Variant (1J6)1.9 TDI 4motion2000.09 - 2005.05741011896VWGOLF IV Variant (1J5)1.9 TDI1999.08 - 2001.06851151896VWGOLF IV (1J1)1.9 TDI1998.12 - 2001.06851151896VWBORA (1J2)1.9 TDI1998.12 - 2002.01851151896VWNEW BEETLE (9C1, 1C1)1.9 TDI2001.02 - 2010.09741011896VWBORA Variant (1J6)1.9 TDI 4motion1999.05 - 2001.06851151896VWSHARAN (7M8, 7M9, 7M6)1.9 TDI 4motion2000.04 - 2010.03851151896VWGOLF IV (1J1)1.9 TDI2000.11 - 2005.06961301896VWGOLF IV (1J1)1.9 TDI 4motion2000.11 - 2005.06961301896VWGOLF IV Variant (1J5)1.9 TDI2000.11 - 2006.06961301896VWGOLF IV Variant (1J5)1.9 TDI 4motion2000.11 - 2006.06961301896VWBORA (1J2)1.9 TDI2000.11 - 2005.05961301896VWBORA (1J2)1.9 TDI 4motion2000.11 - 2005.05961301896VWBORA Variant (1J6)1.9 TDI2000.11 - 2005.05961301896VWBORA Variant (1J6)1.9 TDI 4motion2000.11 - 2005.05961301896VWBORA (1J2)1.9 TDI 4motion1999.02 - 2001.06851151896VWBORA Variant (1J6)1.9 TDI2001.05 - 2005.051101501896VWBORA Variant (1J6)1.9 TDI 4motion2001.05 - 2005.051101501896VWNEW BEETLE Cabriolet (1Y7)1.9 TDI2003.06 - 2010.09741001896VWSHARAN (7M8, 7M9, 7M6)1.9 TDI2002.11 - 2010.03961301896VWGOLF IV Variant (1J5)1.9 TDI 4motion1999.05 - 2001.06851151896VWMULTIVAN T5 (7HM, 7HN, 7HF, 7EF, 7EM, 7EN)1.9 TDI2003.04 - 2009.11771051896VWSHARAN (7M8, 7M9, 7M6)1.9 TDI2000.04 - 2010.03851151896VWTRANSPORTER T5 Pritsche/Fahrgestell (7JD, 7JE, 7JL, 7JY, 7JZ1.9 TDI2003.04 - 2009.1163851896VWTRANSPORTER T5 Pritsche/Fahrgestell (7JD, 7JE, 7JL, 7JY, 7JZ1.9 TDI2003.04 - 2009.11771051896VWTRANSPORTER T5 Kasten (7HA, 7HH, 7EA, 7EH)1.9 TDI2003.04 - 2009.1163851896VWTRANSPORTER T5 Kasten (7HA, 7HH, 7EA, 7EH)1.9 TDI2003.04 - 2009.11771051896VWTRANSPORTER T5 Bus (7HB, 7HJ, 7EB, 7EJ, 7EF, 7EG, 7HF, 7EC)1.9 TDI2003.04 - 2009.1163851896VWTRANSPORTER T5 Bus (7HB, 7HJ, 7EB, 7EJ, 7EF, 7EG, 7HF, 7EC)1.9 TDI2003.04 - 2009.11771051896VWGOLF IV (1J1)1.9 TDI 4motion1999.09 - 2001.06851151896VWSHARAN (7M8, 7M9, 7M6)1.9 TDI1995.09 - 2010.0366901896VWPOLO Variant (6V5)1.9 TDI1997.05 - 2001.0966901896VWBORA Variant (1J6)1.9 TDI1999.05 - 2001.06851151896VWGOLF IV (1J1)1.9 TDI2000.09 - 2005.06741011896VWPOLO (9N_)1.9 TDI2003.11 - 2009.11961301896VWGOLF IV (1J1)1.9 TDI 4motion2000.09 - 2005.06741011896VWGOLF IV (1J1)1.9 TDI2000.05 - 2005.061101501896VWMULTIVAN T5 (7HM, 7HN, 7HF, 7EF, 7EM, 7EN)1.9 TDI2003.04 - 2009.1163851896

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