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Outlet Camshaft Opel Astra G/H 1.7 DI 16V Y17DTL 636028 / 97111168

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Outlet Camshaft NEW for Opel 1.7 DI 16V

Product Contents

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Reference Numbers



Engine Codes


Y 17 DTY17DT



other codes


Vehicle List

OPELASTRA H (A04)1.7 CDTI (L48)2004.03 - 2010.10598016860035-030OPELASTRA G CC (T98)1.7 DTI 16V (F08, F48)2000.02 - 2005.01557516860035-378OPELASTRA G Caravan (T98)1.7 DTI 16V (F35)2000.02 - 2004.07557516860035-376OPELCORSA C (X01)1.7 DTI (F08, F68)2000.09 - 2009.12557516860035-397OPELCORSA C (X01)1.7 DI (F08, F68)2000.09 - 2009.12486516860035-416OPELCOMBO Kasten/Kombi1.7 DI 16V2001.10486516860035-005OPELCOMBO Kasten/Kombi1.7 DI 16V2001.10486516860035-439OPELCORSA C Kasten (X01)1.7 DI 16V (F08, W5L)2000.09 - 2003.0748651686OPELCORSA C Kasten (X01)1.7 DTI 16V (F08, W5L)2000.09 - 2003.0755751686OPELCOMBO Kasten/Kombi1.7 DTI 16V2001.10557516860035-004OPELCOMBO Kasten/Kombi1.7 DTI 16V2001.10557516860035-438OPELMERIVA A Großraumlimousine (X03)1.7 DTI (E75)2003.09 - 2010.05557516860035-484OPELMERIVA A Großraumlimousine (X03)1.7 DTI (E75)2003.09 - 2010.05557516860035-AAROPELMERIVA A Großraumlimousine (X03)1.7 CDTI (E75)2003.09 - 2010.057410016860035-516OPELMERIVA A Großraumlimousine (X03)1.7 CDTI (E75)2003.09 - 2010.057410016860035-AASOPELASTRA G CC (T98)1.7 CDTI (F08, F48)2003.04 - 2009.12598016860035-497OPELASTRA G CC (T98)1.7 CDTI (F08, F48)2003.04 - 2009.12598016860035-AHZOPELASTRA G Stufenheck (T98)1.7 CDTI (F69)2003.04 - 2009.12598016860035-495OPELASTRA G Stufenheck (T98)1.7 CDTI (F69)2003.04 - 2009.12598016860035-AHWOPELASTRA G Caravan (T98)1.7 CDTI (F35)2003.04 - 2009.07598016860035-500OPELASTRA G Caravan (T98)1.7 CDTI (F35)2003.04 - 2009.07598016860035-AICOPELCOMBO Tour1.7 DI 16V2001.10 - 2004.06486516860035-439OPELCOMBO Tour1.7 DTI 16V2001.10 - 2004.06557516860035-438OPELCORSA C (X01)1.7 CDTI (F08, F68)2003.06 - 2009.127410016860035-522OPELASTRA G Stufenheck (T98)1.7 DTI 16V (F69)2000.02 - 2005.01557516860035-380OPELASTRA H (A04)1.7 CDTI (L48)2004.03 - 2010.10598016860035-ACVOPELASTRA H (A04)1.7 CDTI (L48)2004.03 - 2010.107410016860035-032OPELASTRA H (A04)1.7 CDTI (L48)2004.03 - 2010.107410016860035-ACWOPELASTRA H (A04)1.7 CDTI (L48)2004.03 - 2010.107410016860035-AMGOPELASTRA H Caravan (A04)1.7 CDTI (L35)2004.08 - 2010.10598016860035-046OPELASTRA H Caravan (A04)1.7 CDTI (L35)2004.08 - 2010.10598016860035-ADHOPELASTRA H Caravan (A04)1.7 CDTI (L35)2004.08 - 2010.107410116860035-047OPELASTRA H Caravan (A04)1.7 CDTI (L35)2004.08 - 2010.107410116860035-ADIOPELASTRA H Caravan (A04)1.7 CDTI (L35)2004.08 - 2010.107410116860035-ADJOPELASTRA H GTC (A04)1.7 CDTi (L08)2005.03 - 2010.107410116860035-550OPELASTRA H GTC (A04)1.7 CDTi (L08)2005.03 - 2010.107410116860035-561OPELASTRA H GTC (A04)1.7 CDTi (L08)2005.03 - 2010.107410116860035-ADZOPELCOMBO Kasten/Kombi1.7 CDTI 16V2004.127410116860035-098OPELCOMBO Kasten/Kombi1.7 CDTI 16V2004.127410116860035-AEYOPELCOMBO Kasten/Kombi1.7 CDTI 16V2004.127410116860035-AMTOPELCOMBO Tour1.7 CDTI 16V2004.07 - 2011.127410116860035-537OPELCOMBO Tour1.7 CDTI 16V2004.07 - 2011.127410116860035-AEVOPELCOMBO Tour1.7 CDTI 16V2004.07 - 2011.127410116860035-AJQOPELCORSA C Kasten (X01)1.7 CDTi (F08, W5L)2003.08 - 2012.127410116860035-AFDOPELASTRA H Stufenheck (A04)1.7 CDTi (L69)2007.02 - 2010.107410116860035-AIPOPELASTRA H GTC (A04)1.7 CDTI (L08)2005.03 - 2010.10598016860035-549OPELASTRA H GTC (A04)1.7 CDTI (L08)2005.03 - 2010.10598016860035-560OPELASTRA H GTC (A04)1.7 CDTI (L08)2005.03 - 2010.10598016860035-ADY

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