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Oil Cooler Toyota Auris Avensis RAV4 1AD-FTV 15710-0R011 original

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Oil Cooler NEW original Toyota Auris Avensis RAV4

The oil cooler is new but 1x short test run.

Product Contents

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Reference Numbers


Engine Codes



Vehicle List

TOYOTAAVENSIS Kombi (_T27_)2.0 D-4D (ADT270_)2009.029312619985013-AEATOYOTAAVENSIS Stufenheck (_T27_)2.0 D-4D (ADT270_)2011.119112419985013-AHLTOYOTAAVENSIS (_T25_)2.0 D-4D (ADT250_)2006.03 - 2008.119312619985013-ACDTOYOTAAVENSIS Stufenheck (_T25_)2.0 D-4D (ADT250_)2006.03 - 2008.109312619985013-ACCTOYOTAAVENSIS Kombi (_T25_)2.0 D-4D (ADT250_)2006.03 - 2008.119312619985013-ACETOYOTAAURIS (_E15_)2.0 D-4D (ADE150_)2007.03 - 2012.099312619985013-ADCTOYOTAAURIS (_E15_)2.0 D-4D (ADE150_)2007.03 - 2012.099312619985013-ADFTOYOTAAURIS (_E15_)2.0 D-4D (ADE150_)2007.03 - 2012.099312619985013-AFRTOYOTAAVENSIS Stufenheck (_T27_)2.0 D-4D (ADT270_)2008.119312619985013-ADZTOYOTAAVENSIS Kombi (_T27_)2.0 D-4D (ADT270_)2011.119112419985013-AHMTOYOTAAVENSIS Kombi (_T27_)2.0 D-4D (ADT270_)2009.029312619985013-AFNTOYOTAVERSO (_R2_)2.0 D-4D (AUR20_)2009.049312619985013-AEQTOYOTAVERSO (_R2_)2.0 D-4D (AUR20_)2009.049312619985013-AERTOYOTAAURIS (_E18_)2.0 D-4D (ADE186_)2012.10 - 2015.049112419985013-AHZTOYOTARAV 4 IV (_A4_)2.0 D (ALA40_)2012.129112419985013-AIGTOYOTAVERSO (_R2_)2.0 D-4D (AUR20_)2012.119112419985013-AIJTOYOTAVERSO (_R2_)2.0 D-4D (AUR20_)2012.119112419985013-AIKTOYOTAAURIS Kombi (_E18_)2.0 D-4D (ADE186_)2013.07 - 2015.049112419985013-AHZTOYOTARAV 4 IV (_A4_)2.0 D 4WD (ALA41_)2013.019112419985013-AJE

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