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Ölstandsensor Sensor Ölrestmenge Renault 2.0 DCI CDTI M9R 8200670521 111458382R

Dismounted10009220HL 3-8-2-14-3-2
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Oil level sensor (Manufacturing No. of engine > & = 101004) NEW original for Renault 2.0 DCI

The item is NEW, but 1 x mounted!

Please pay attention to the usability on the spare part number!

Product Contents

1 x Sensor

Reference Numbers







Engine Codes




M9R 742M9R742

M9R 744M9R744

M9R 800M9R800

M9R 802M9R802

M9R 805M9R805

M9R 809M9R809

M9R 814M9R814

M9R 815M9R815

Vehicle List

RENAULTESPACE IV (JK0/1_)2.0 dCi (JK01, JK02, JK1J, JK1K, JK1H)2006.0111015019953333-AJYRENAULTESPACE IV (JK0/1_)2.0 dCi (JK03, JK04, JK1C, JK1G, JK1J, JK1K)2006.0112717319953333-AJXRENAULTLAGUNA III (BT0/1)2.0 dCi (BT07, BT0J, BT14, BT1A, BT1S)2007.10 - 2015.129613119953333-APSRENAULTLAGUNA III (BT0/1)2.0 dCi (BT01, BT08, BT09, BT0E, BT0K, BT12, BT1C, BT1D,...2007.10 - 2015.1211015019953333-APTRENAULTLAGUNA III Grandtour (KT0/1)2.0 dCi (KT07, KT0J, KT14, KT1A, KT1S)2007.10 - 2015.129613119953333-APXRENAULTLAGUNA III Grandtour (KT0/1)2.0 dCi (KT01, KT08, KT09, KT0K, KT12, KT1D, KT1W)2007.10 - 2015.1211015019953333-APYRENAULTLAGUNA III (BT0/1)2.0 dCi (BT0M, BT0N, BT0S, BT19, BT1F)2008.01 - 2015.1212717319953333-AQVRENAULTLAGUNA III Grandtour (KT0/1)2.0 dCi (KT0M, KT0N, KT0S, KT19, KT1F)2008.01 - 2015.1212717319953333-AQXRENAULTLAGUNA Coupe (DT0/1)2.0 dCi (DT0M, DT0N, DT0S, DT19, DT1F)2008.09 - 2015.1212717319953333-ASCRENAULTLAGUNA Coupe (DT0/1)2.0 dCi (DT01, DT08, DT09, DT0K, DT12, DT1C, DT1D, DT1M,...2008.09 - 2015.1211015019953333-ASB

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