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NEW Oil cooler Kia Hyundai 2.0 CRDI D4EA 26400-27011 ORIGINAL

Dismounted10010999HL 3-1-1-76-3-2
sold out


The article is new and has been dismantled by a new engine!

No original packaging. The item was originally packaged in a non-retail packaging.

Product Contents

The article will be sold as shown.

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Vehicle List

HYUNDAISANTA FÉ I (SM)2.0 CRDi2001.08 - 2006.038311319918252-424HYUNDAIHIGHWAY VAN2.0 CRDi2001.03 - 2004.03831131991HYUNDAITUCSON (JM)2.0 CRDi Allrad2004.08 - 2010.038311319918252-467HYUNDAITUCSON (JM)2.0 CRDi2004.08 - 2010.038311319918252-466HYUNDAISANTA FÉ I (SM)2.0 CRDi 4x42001.04 - 2006.038311319918252-420HYUNDAITRAJET (FO)2.0 CRDi2001.04 - 2008.078311319918252-ABNHYUNDAIELANTRA (XD)2.0 CRDi2001.04 - 2006.078311319918252-422HYUNDAIELANTRA Stufenheck (XD)2.0 CRDi2001.04 - 2006.078311319918252-421HYUNDAITRAJET (FO)2.0 CRDi2001.04 - 2008.078311319918252-419KIASPORTAGE (JE_, KM_)2.0 CRDi2006.0110013619918253-ABFKIAMAGENTIS (MG)2.0 CRDi2005.11 - 2008.1210013619918253-ABJKIASPORTAGE (JE_, KM_)2.0 CRDi 4WD2006.0110013619918253-ABHKIACARENS II Großraumlimousine (FJ)2.0 CRDi2002.078311319918253-344KIACERATO Stufenheck (LD)2.0 CRDi2004.04 - 2006.058311219918253-359KIACERATO Schrägheck (LD)2.0 CRDi2004.048311219918253-360KIACARENS III Großraumlimousine (UN)2.0 CRDi 1152007.058511519918253-ABUKIASPORTAGE (JE_, KM_)2.0 CRDi2006.0110013619911260-AAAKIASPORTAGE (JE_, KM_)2.0 CRDi 4WD2004.098311319918253-374KIASPORTAGE (JE_, KM_)2.0 CRDi2005.028311319918253-373KIACARENS III Großraumlimousine (UN)2.0 CRDi 1352009.0810013619918253-ABPKIACEE'D Schrägheck (ED)2.0 CRDi2007.06 - 2012.1210013619911260-AAOKIASPORTAGE (JE_, KM_)2.0 CRDi 4WD2006.0110013619911260-AAB

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