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NEU Unterdruckpumpe Vakuumpumpe LAND ROVER JAGUAR 3.0 9H2Q2A451BE ORIGINAL

Dismounted10012275HL 3-8-3-24-1-3
limited quantity remaining
ready to ship in about1business day*


The article is new and has been dismantled by a new engine!

No original packaging. The item was originally packaged in a non-retail packaging.

Product Contents

The article will be sold as shown.

Reference Numbers

7.04483.13.1 00 PIERBURG

70448313100 PIERBURG


Engine Codes





Vehicle List

JAGUARXF SPORTBRAKE (X250)3.0 D2012.09 - 2014.0417724129932051-ACIJAGUARXF SPORTBRAKE (X260)3.0 D2017.0722130029931590-AGUJAGUARXF (X250)3.0 D2009.03 - 2015.0417724129932051-ABQJAGUARXF (X250)3.0 D2009.03 - 2015.0420227529931590-ABSJAGUARXF (X250)3.0 D2009.03 - 2015.0420227529932051-ABPJAGUARXF SPORTBRAKE (X250)3.0 D2012.09 - 2014.0417724129931590-ABVJAGUARXF (X250)3.0 D2009.03 - 2015.0417724129931590-ABTJAGUARXF SPORTBRAKE (X250)3.0 D2012.09 - 2014.0420227529931590-ABUJAGUARXF SPORTBRAKE (X250)3.0 D2012.09 - 2014.0420227529932051-ACHJAGUARXJ (X351)3.0 SDV62015.0422130029931590-ADVJAGUARXF (X260)3.0 D2015.0522130029931590-ADZJAGUARF-PACE (X761)3.0 SDV6 AWD2015.0922130029931590-AEWLAND ROVERRANGE ROVER SPORT (L320)3.0 D 4x42012.08 - 2013.0318324929931590-AAKLAND ROVERDISCOVERY IV (L319)3.0 TD 4x42010.0515521129931590-AAZLAND ROVERDISCOVERY IV (L319)3.0 SDV6 4x42009.1118825629931590-AAXLAND ROVERDISCOVERY IV (L319)3.0 SDV6 4x42009.1118825629931590-ABCLAND ROVERDISCOVERY IV (L319)3.0 TD 4x42012.0718324929931590-AAYLAND ROVERDISCOVERY IV (L319)3.0 TD 4x42012.0718324929931590-ABHLAND ROVERDISCOVERY IV (L319)3.0 TD 4x42012.0718324929932143-ACGLAND ROVERDISCOVERY IV (L319)3.0 TD 4x42012.0718324929932143-ACHLAND ROVERRANGE ROVER IV (L405)3.0 SDV6 4x42012.0818324929931590-ABELAND ROVERRANGE ROVER IV (L405)3.0 SDV6 4x42012.0818324929932143-ACDLAND ROVERDISCOVERY IV (L319)3.0 TD 4x42010.0515521129932143-ABELAND ROVERRANGE ROVER SPORT (L320)3.0 D 4x42012.08 - 2013.0318324929932143-ACBLAND ROVERRANGE ROVER IV (L405)3.0 TDV6 4x42012.0819025829931590-ABFLAND ROVERRANGE ROVER IV (L405)3.0 TDV6 4x42012.0819025829932143-ACELAND ROVERRANGE ROVER SPORT (L494)3.0 SDV6 4x42013.0421529229931590-ACSLAND ROVERRANGE ROVER IV (L405)3.0 TDV6 4x42013.1015521129931590-ACXLAND ROVERRANGE ROVER IV (L405)3.0 SDV6 Hybrid 4x42013.1025034029931590-ACYLAND ROVERRANGE ROVER SPORT (L494)3.0 SDV6 Hybrid 4x42013.1025034029931590-ACWLAND ROVERRANGE ROVER SPORT (L494)3.0 SDV6 4x42014.0922530629931590-ADMLAND ROVERRANGE ROVER SPORT (L494)3.0 SDV6 Hybrid 4x42014.1221529229931590-ADNLAND ROVERDISCOVERY IV (L319)3.0 SDV6 4x42009.1118825629932143-ABULAND ROVERDISCOVERY IV (L319)3.0 TD 4x42009.0918024529932143-AAYLAND ROVERRANGE ROVER IV (L405)3.0 SDV6 Hybrid 4x42015.0621529229931590-ADOLAND ROVERRANGE ROVER IV (L405)3.0 SDV6 Hybrid 4x42015.0622530629931590-AEMLAND ROVERRANGE ROVER SPORT (L494)3.0 SDV6 Hybrid 4x42015.0622530629931590-AELLAND ROVERDISCOVERY IV (L319)3.0 TD 4x42009.0918024529932143-ABLLAND ROVERDISCOVERY V (L462)3.0 Td6 4x42016.0919025829931590-AFKLAND ROVERDISCOVERY V (L462)3.0 D 4x42016.0918324929931590-AFJLAND ROVERDISCOVERY V (L462)3.0 D 4x42016.0915521129931590-AFILAND ROVERRANGE ROVER VELAR (L560)3.0 D300 SDV6 4x42017.0322130029931590-AGFLAND ROVERDISCOVERY IV (L319)3.0 SDV6 4x42009.1118825629932143-ABVLAND ROVERRANGE ROVER VELAR (L560)3.0 D275 SDV6 4x42018.0420227529931590-AHZLAND ROVERDISCOVERY V (L462)3.0 SDV6 4x42018.0922530629931590-AID

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