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Kurbeltrieb Austauschmotor Audi Skoda Seat VW 2.0 TDI CFHA CFHB CFH engine

10004195HL H1
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short block closed rebuild for Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW 2.0 TDI Common Rail

Product Contents

Consisting of: engine block mounted with oil pump, oil pan, crankshaft, bearings, connecting rods and pistons.

All cylinders are honed to oversize
There are NEW over-sized pistons mounted
All bearings are NEW

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Vehicle List

AUDIA1 Sportback (8XA, 8XF)2.0 TDI2012.05 - 2015.0410013619680588-ASPAUDIA1 Sportback (8XA, 8XF)2.0 TDI2011.09 - 2015.0410514319680588-AUPAUDIA1 (8X1, 8XK)2.0 TDI2011.09 - 2015.0410514319680588-ASQAUDIA1 (8X1, 8XK)2.0 TDI2012.05 - 2015.0410013619680588-ASPAUDIA1 Sportback (8XA, 8XF)2.0 TDI2012.05 - 2015.0410013619680588-AUOSEATLEON (1P1)2.0 TDI 16V2005.07 - 2012.1210314019687593-034SEATALTEA XL (5P5, 5P8)2.0 TDI 16V 4x42010.101031401968SEATIBIZA IV SPORTCOUPE (6J1, 6P5)2.0 TDI2010.0110514319687593-AERSEATALTEA (5P1)2.0 TDI 16V2004.0310314019687593-026SEATALTEA (5P1)2.0 TDI 16V2004.0310314019687593-AADSEATLEON (1P1)2.0 TDI 16V2005.07 - 2012.1210314019687593-AAXSEATIBIZA IV (6J5, 6P1)2.0 TDI2010.0110514319687593-AERSEATALTEA XL (5P5, 5P8)2.0 TDI 16V2006.1010314019687593-AADSKODAYETI (5L)2.0 TDI2011.11 - 2017.1210314019688004-AMQSKODAYETI (5L)2.0 TDI 4x42009.11 - 2017.128111019688004-AJESKODAYETI (5L)2.0 TDI 4x42009.11 - 2017.128111019688004-AGZSKODAYETI (5L)2.0 TDI2009.11 - 2017.128111019688004-AJDSKODAYETI (5L)2.0 TDI2009.11 - 2017.128111019688004-AGYSKODAOCTAVIA II Combi (1Z5)2.0 TDI 16V 4x42010.05 - 2013.0210314019688004-AHDSKODAOCTAVIA II (1Z3)2.0 TDI2010.03 - 2013.068111019688004-ALXSKODAOCTAVIA II Combi (1Z5)2.0 TDI2010.03 - 2013.068111019688004-ALYSKODAOCTAVIA II Combi (1Z5)2.0 TDI2010.03 - 2013.068111019688004-AMJSKODAOCTAVIA II Combi (1Z5)2.0 TDI 4x42011.05 - 2013.028111019688004-AMKSKODAOCTAVIA II Combi (1Z5)2.0 TDI 16V 4x42010.05 - 2013.0210314019688004-AFESKODAOCTAVIA II (1Z3)2.0 TDI 16V2004.02 - 2013.0410314019688004-400SKODAOCTAVIA II (1Z3)2.0 TDI 16V2004.02 - 2013.0410314019688004-ADOSKODAOCTAVIA II Combi (1Z5)2.0 TDI 16V2004.02 - 2013.0510314019688004-405SKODAOCTAVIA II Combi (1Z5)2.0 TDI 16V2004.02 - 2013.0510314019688004-ADXSKODAOCTAVIA II Combi (1Z5)2.0 TDI 16V2004.02 - 2013.0510314019688004-AEHSKODAOCTAVIA II Combi (1Z5)2.0 TDI 4x42011.05 - 2013.028111019688004-AMLSKODAYETI (5L)2.0 TDI 4x42009.05 - 2017.1210314019688004-AIXSKODAYETI (5L)2.0 TDI 4x42009.05 - 2017.1210314019688004-AHASKODAYETI (5L)2.0 TDI2011.11 - 2017.1210314019688004-AMPVWCADDY III Kombi (2KB, 2KJ, 2CB, 2CJ)2.0 TDI 16V2010.11 - 2015.0510314019680603-AMUVWGOLF PLUS (5M1, 521)2.0 TDI2005.05 - 2013.1210013619680603-APEVWSCIROCCO (137, 138)2.0 TDI2008.08 - 2017.1110314019680603-AOBVWGOLF VI Variant (AJ5)2.0 TDI2009.07 - 2013.0710314019680603-ALEVWGOLF PLUS (5M1, 521)2.0 TDI2005.05 - 2013.1210013619680603-776VWSCIROCCO (137, 138)2.0 TDI2010.11 - 2017.1110013619680603-BAKVWCADDY III Kombi (2KB, 2KJ, 2CB, 2CJ)2.0 TDI 16V 4motion2010.11 - 2015.0510314019680603-BAXVWCADDY III Kombi (2KB, 2KJ, 2CB, 2CJ)2.0 TDI 16V 4motion2010.11 - 2015.0510314019680603-BAWVWCADDY III Kasten (2KA, 2KH, 2CA, 2CH)2.0 TDI2010.11 - 2015.05628519680603-AVNVWCADDY III Kasten (2KA, 2KH, 2CA, 2CH)2.0 TDI 4motion2010.12 - 2015.05628519680603-BBDVWTOURAN (1T3)2.0 TDI2010.11 - 2015.058111019680603-BLBVWTOURAN (1T3)2.0 TDI2010.11 - 2015.058111019680603-BLAVWCADDY III Kombi (2KB, 2KJ, 2CB, 2CJ)2.0 TDI 16V2010.11 - 2015.0510314019680603-AMTVWGOLF PLUS (5M1, 521)2.0 TDI2005.05 - 2013.1210013619680603-ACVVWCADDY III Kombi (2KB, 2KJ, 2CB, 2CJ)2.0 TDI 4motion2010.08 - 2015.058111019680603-AZCVWCADDY III Kombi (2KB, 2KJ, 2CB, 2CJ)2.0 TDI 4motion2010.08 - 2015.058111019680603-AZDVWGOLF VI Cabriolet (517)2.0 TDI2011.11 - 2016.0510314019680603-BHGVWTOURAN (1T3)2.0 TDI2010.05 - 2015.0510314019680603-ABLVWTOURAN (1T3)2.0 TDI2010.05 - 2015.0510314019680603-ABMVWTOURAN (1T3)2.0 TDI2010.05 - 2015.0510314019680603-AWKVWTOURAN (1T3)2.0 TDI2010.05 - 2015.0510314019680603-BABVWTOURAN (1T3)2.0 TDI2010.05 - 2015.0510314019680603-BACVWJETTA IV (162, 163, AV3, AV2)2.0 TDI2011.0210314019680603-AZAVWCADDY IV Kombi (SAB, SAJ)2.0 TDI 4motion2015.05 - 2016.05811101968VWCADDY IV Kombi (SAB, SAJ)2.0 TDI2015.051031401968VWCADDY IV Kombi (SAB, SAJ)2.0 TDI 4motion2015.051031401968

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