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Intake Manifold Audi Seat Skoda VW 03G129713C 1.9 TDI BKC BXE BRU

NEW10002374HL 3-4-4-06-1-1
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New Intake Manifold Audi / Seat / Skoda / VW 1.9 TDI

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Vehicle List

AUDIA3 (8P1)1.9 TDI2003.05 - 2010.057710518960588-ADTAUDIA3 (8P1)1.9 TDI2003.05 - 2010.057710518960588-AHVAUDIA3 (8P1)1.9 TDI2003.05 - 2010.057710518960588-836AUDIA3 Sportback (8PA)1.9 TDI2004.09 - 2010.057710518960588-836AUDIA3 Sportback (8PA)1.9 TDI2004.09 - 2010.057710518960588-ADTAUDIA3 Sportback (8PA)1.9 TDI2004.09 - 2010.057710518960588-AHVSEATLEON (1P1)1.9 TDI2005.07 - 2010.127710518967593-036SEATLEON (1P1)1.9 TDI2005.07 - 2010.127710518967593-AAWSEATALTEA XL (5P5, 5P8)1.9 TDI2009.08669018967593-AEPSEATALTEA (5P1)1.9 TDI2004.047710518967593-025SEATALTEA (5P1)1.9 TDI2004.047710518967593-AACSEATALTEA (5P1)1.9 TDI2009.08669018967593-AEPSEATLEON (1P1)1.9 TDI2007.06 - 2010.12669018967593-ADCSEATALTEA XL (5P5, 5P8)1.9 TDI2006.107710518967593-AACSEATTOLEDO III (5P2)1.9 TDI2004.10 - 2009.057710518967593-AACSEATTOLEDO III (5P2)1.9 TDI2004.10 - 2009.057710518967593-031SKODASUPERB II (3T4)1.9 TDI2008.03 - 2010.117710518968004-AGFSKODAOCTAVIA II (1Z3)1.9 TDI2004.06 - 2010.127710518968004-399SKODAOCTAVIA II (1Z3)1.9 TDI2004.06 - 2010.127710518968004-ADNSKODASUPERB II Kombi (3T5)1.9 TDI2009.10 - 2010.117710518968004-AIMSKODAOCTAVIA II Combi (1Z5)1.9 TDI2004.09 - 2010.127710518968004-AEFSKODAOCTAVIA II Combi (1Z5)1.9 TDI2004.09 - 2010.127710518968004-404SKODASUPERB II Kombi (3T5)1.9 TDI2009.10 - 2010.117710518968004-AJFSKODAOCTAVIA II Combi (1Z5)1.9 TDI2004.09 - 2010.127710518968004-ADVVWGOLF V (1K1)1.9 TDI2004.05 - 2008.11669018960603-AMHVWGOLF V (1K1)1.9 TDI2004.05 - 2008.11669018960603-745VWPASSAT (3C2)1.9 TDI2005.03 - 2010.077710518960603-771VWPASSAT (3C2)1.9 TDI2005.03 - 2010.077710518960603-AEOVWJETTA III (1K2)1.9 TDI2005.08 - 2010.107710518960603-815VWJETTA III (1K2)1.9 TDI2005.08 - 2010.107710518960603-ACPVWTOURAN (1T1, 1T2)1.9 TDI2004.11 - 2010.05669018960603-765VWTOURAN (1T1, 1T2)1.9 TDI2004.11 - 2010.05669018960603-ABTVWTOURAN (1T1, 1T2)1.9 TDI2004.11 - 2010.05669018960603-ABUVWGOLF V (1K1)1.9 TDI2004.05 - 2008.11669018960603-ADUVWPASSAT Variant (3C5)1.9 TDI2005.08 - 2010.117710518960603-AFAVWTOURAN (1T1, 1T2)1.9 TDI2003.08 - 2010.057710518960603-ABKVWTOURAN (1T1, 1T2)1.9 TDI2003.08 - 2010.057710518960603-ABJVWGOLF PLUS (5M1, 521)1.9 TDI2005.05 - 2008.12669018960603-808VWGOLF PLUS (5M1, 521)1.9 TDI2005.05 - 2008.12669018960603-ADDVWTOURAN (1T1, 1T2)1.9 TDI2003.08 - 2010.057710518960603-732VWGOLF V (1K1)1.9 TDI2003.10 - 2008.117710518960603-ALXVWGOLF V (1K1)1.9 TDI2003.10 - 2008.117710518960603-ADKVWGOLF V (1K1)1.9 TDI2003.10 - 2008.117710518960603-720VWPASSAT Variant (3C5)1.9 TDI2005.08 - 2010.117710518960603-800

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