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Inst. Motor Austauschmotor Opel 1.2 Z12XE Astra Corsa Agila Engine Twinport

10008477HL H1
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Rebuilt Engine with timing for Opel 1.2

The engine is only suitable for vehicles with SHW oil pump!

Product Contents

Consisting of: engine block mounted with oil pump, oil pan, crankshaft, bearings, connecting rods, piston, cylinder head and engine control.
The engine is sold as shown and is repaired as follows:
All cylinders are honed to oversize
There are NEW over-sized pistons mounted
All bearings are NEW
The cylinder head is NEW or NEW

Reference Numbers



Engine Codes

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Vehicle List

OPELAGILA (A) (H00)1.2 16V (F68)2000.09 - 2007.12557511990035-389OPELCORSA C (X01)1.2 (F08, F68)2000.09 - 2009.12557511990035-395OPELASTRA G CC (T98)1.2 16V (F08, F48)2000.09 - 2005.01557511990035-406OPELASTRA G Stufenheck (T98)1.2 16V (F69)2000.09 - 2005.01557511990035-403OPELASTRA G Caravan (T98)1.2 16V (F35)2000.09 - 2004.07557511990035-409OPELCORSA C Kasten (X01)1.2 16V (F08, W5L)2000.09 - 2003.0755751199

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