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Hochdruckpumpe Siemens 5WS40153 Renault 1,5 dci 8200821184 / 8200663258

10000434HL 3-1-2-21-2-2
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High Pressure Pump repaired Siemens for Renault / Nissan 1.5 dCi K9K

Product Contents

The article will be sold as shown.

Reference Numbers

1670 088 59R

8200 430 599

8200 663 258

8200 821 184

Engine Codes



Vehicle List

NISSANQASHQAI / QASHQAI +2 I (J10, NJ10, JJ10E)1.5 dCi2010.01 - 2013.12811101461NISSANQASHQAI / QASHQAI +2 I (J10, NJ10, JJ10E)1.5 dCi2007.02 - 2013.12781061461NISSANTIIDA Schrägheck (C11)1.5 dCi2007.09 - 2011.12781061461NISSANTIIDA Stufenheck (SC11)1.5 dCi2007.09 - 2012.12781061461NISSANNOTE (E11, NE11)1.5 dCi2008.07 - 2012.06761031461RENAULTMEGANE II Coupé-Cabriolet (EM0/1_)1.5 dCi (EM16)2007.01 - 2009.06761031461RENAULTMEGANE II (BM0/1_, CM0/1_)1.5 dCi (BM1E, CM1E)2005.05 - 2008.06781061461RENAULTCLIO III (BR0/1, CR0/1)1.5 dCi (BR0H, CR0H, CR1S, BR1S)2005.06781061461RENAULTKANGOO BE BOP (KW0/1_)1.5 dCi2009.06801101461RENAULTCLIO III (BR0/1, CR0/1)1.5 dCi (BR1C, CR1C)2005.06761031461RENAULTMODUS / GRAND MODUS (F/JP0_)1.5 dCi (JP02)2007.05761031461RENAULTMEGANE II Stufenheck (LM0/1_)1.5 dCi (LM16)2003.10 - 2010.12761031461RENAULTMEGANE II (BM0/1_, CM0/1_)1.5 dCi (BM16, CM16)2007.01 - 2009.03761031461RENAULTKANGOO Express (FW0/1_)1.5 dCi 1102010.09801101461RENAULTSCÉNIC II (JM0/1_)1.5 dCi (JM16)2007.01761031461RENAULTLAGUNA III (BT0/1)1.5 dCi (BT00, BT0A, BT0T, BT1J)2007.10 - 2015.12811101461RENAULTLAGUNA III Grandtour (KT0/1)1.5 dCi (KT0A)2007.10 - 2015.12811101461RENAULTCLIO Grandtour (KR0/1_)1.5 dCi (KR1C, KR1N)2008.02761031461RENAULTCLIO Grandtour (KR0/1_)1.5 dCi (KR0H, KR1S)2008.02 - 2012.12781061461RENAULTKANGOO / GRAND KANGOO (KW0/1_)1.5 dCi (KW0F)2008.02761031461RENAULTKANGOO / GRAND KANGOO (KW0/1_)1.5 dCi 1102010.09801101461RENAULTMODUS / GRAND MODUS (F/JP0_)1.5 dCi (JP0G, JP0H)2005.05781061461RENAULTKANGOO Express (FW0/1_)1.5 dCi (FW0F)2008.02761031461RENAULTKANGOO BE BOP (KW0/1_)1.5 dCi (KW0F)2009.02761031461RENAULTMEGANE II Grandtour (KM0/1_)1.5 dCi (KM16, KM1E)2005.05 - 2008.06781061461RENAULTCLIO Grandtour (KR0/1_)1.5 dCi2010.0865881461

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