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Abgaskrümmer Mercedes Benz 2.0 D A6541403001 Exhaust manifold

Dismounted10010051HL 3-1-2-42-2-1
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NEW exhaust manifold for Mercedes Benz 2,0 D OM654.920

The exhaust manifold is new and has been dismantled by a new engine!

Product Contents

The article will be sold as shown.

Reference Numbers

A 654 140 03 09

A 654 140 30 01

Engine Codes


OM 654.920OM654.920OM 654920OM 654 920OM654920

Vehicle List

Model name
Motor type
Construction year
MERCEDES-BENZE-KLASSE (W213)E 220 d (213.004)2016.0114319419501313-FDIMERCEDES-BENZE-KLASSE (W213)E 220 d (213.004)2016.0112016319501313-FQUMERCEDES-BENZE-KLASSE T-Model (S213)E 220 d (213.204)2016.0714319419501313-FZSMERCEDES-BENZE-KLASSE (W213)E 200 d (213.013)2016.0711015019501313-FZVMERCEDES-BENZE-KLASSE T-Model (S213)E 220 d (213.204)2016.0712016319501313-GQHMERCEDES-BENZE-KLASSE (W213)E 220 d 4-matic (213.005)2016.1014319419501313-GGWMERCEDES-BENZE-KLASSE T-Model (S213)E 200 d (213.213)2016.1011015019501313-GHJMERCEDES-BENZE-KLASSE Coupe (C238)E 220 d (238.314)2016.1214319419501313-GXKMERCEDES-BENZE-KLASSE T-Model (S213)E 220 d 4-matic (213.205)2017.0114319419501313-GXIMERCEDES-BENZE-KLASSE All-Terrain (S213)E 220 d 4-matic (213.217)2017.0114319419501313-GXIMERCEDES-BENZE-KLASSE (W213)E 220 d 4-matic (213.005)2016.1012016319501313-GZUMERCEDES-BENZE-KLASSE Coupe (C238)E 220 d 4-matic (238.315)2017.0314319419501313-HAZMERCEDES-BENZE-KLASSE Cabriolet (A238)E 220 d (238.414)2017.0614319419501313-HHUMERCEDES-BENZE-KLASSE Cabriolet (A238)E 220 d (238.414)2017.0612016319501313-HKHMERCEDES-BENZE-KLASSE Cabriolet (A238)E 220 d 4-matic (238.415)2017.1014319419501313-HLEMERCEDES-BENZE-KLASSE (W213)E 300 d (213.008)2017.1218024519501313-HLDMERCEDES-BENZE-KLASSE T-Model (S213)E 300 d (213.208)2017.1218024519501313-HLG

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